Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A-Paul-ing Situation

Event 1: $500 + $60 Deep Stack NL (2 Re-entry)

Spitzberg Straightens Out the Bully

Paul Spitzberg (Tenafly, NJ) is no stranger to success at Borgata, so he'll tell you that a little luck goes a long way. Spitzberg, who won $20,000 for a second place finish in the 2010 Borgata Poker Open (Event 13), is hoping a 225k pot is the springboard he needs to make another deep run.

Spitzberg limps in from early position with KQ, and the big blind continues a trend of opening posts to 30k (blinds 1k/2k). Spitzberg reraises to 80k, and his opponent shoves all-in for 25k more.

Spitzberg makes the call and is in a world of hurt as the big blind tables KK.

"You have to understand, he did this 15 hands in a row," says Spitzberg. "The one time I try and make a move he has the worst possible hand for me."

Spitzberg, who was hoping to be at worst against two under cards, gets help when the flop comes A J 3, and is really lucky when a 10 on the river completes his straight.

"I couldn't see the cards because everyone stood in my way. Then I heard 'Oh my God.' That's when I thought I might have won."

Spitzberg barely has his opponent covered and is now the big stack at the table.

Level 12 (1k/2k/300 ante) is winding down.