Friday, February 4, 2011

Event 25 Recap

Event 25 started with 186 entries building a Total Buy-in of $48,360.

Players started the day at 12pm with 10,000 chips and were able to Re-Enter during the first six levels.

James Boyle made a deep run as did his friend Mike "Little Man" Sica. Both told us about their weight loss prop bet that will end at the WSOP.

Other notables included Eric "Clownfish" Doerr, Gene Castro, Ryan Eriquezzo, and Chris Reslock.

Top 18 got paid and the bubble drew some excitement with two all-in hands at two tables. When the dust settled, Yeeman Kitzerow was the bubble which made Joanna Leban the Last Woman Standing. Joanna kept climbing up the cash and finished one short of the final table.

Two players each had quad fives, Bob Haavind and Robert Fetzko. Mike "Little Man" Sica finished in 16th place for $704.

Third place went to German born, Marco Jansen for $4,456 and Second Place went to Maryland's favorite son, Chris Grove for $7,740.

But our big winner in first place was Cleveland Ohio's Mark Wahba who will add $14,073 to his bankroll.

Mark is taking the money and running, literally as he left at the 5am conclusion of the tournament to drive 8 hours back home to Cleveland.

Mark was very excited to win and felt he played solid all day which is why he was the chip leader for a good chunk of the match.

Mark is 25 and will use the money to play more poker and try to win more money.

This win came at the right time for Mark who almost didn't play this event. "We were gonna leave this morning then I said, "Let's play one more".

One more Mark did play, and one more did he win.