Friday, January 28, 2011

Event 16 Recap

Event 16: $260 + $40 Deep Stack NL is in the books.

473 players began at 11am this morning with 25,000 chips and the tournament lasted 19 hours.

Total Buy-In was $122,980 paying the top 45 spots with a first place prize of $30,479.

The top two finishers from the Seniors Event were in the field. Champion Mike Kessler and Gary Brudner.

Then there was crowd favorite Annie “Grandma” Kane from Forked River, NJ. She became chip leader when she hit 180,000 and was playing for all her sons, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

She cashed 35th and was the fourth woman standing.

Armando Then was the bubble boy after his KK ran into Steve Schott’s AA.

Armando was very upset until he realized Doug Borgman was kind enough to arrange for everyone remaing to “buy him two five-dollar foot longs” each. By the way, those Aces and that pot eventually propelled Steve Schott to the final table.

As for Doug, his kindness was paid forward as he was down to 1 orange 1000 chip and miraculously stretched it across a series of hands that quadrupled him up more than once to a stack 160,000 high.

Borgata notables Mike Sica cashed in 33rd - $656 but Mike Dentale, James Boyle, and Jason Young did not score green in this one.

Last women standing was Kristin Fletcher who seemed to get the right cards at the right time. She was very excited for her fourth place finish and $8,649.

Third place was Steve Schott for $10,736 and second was awarded to Leonardo Fiorentino in the amount of $17,595.

But our big winner and Champion was William Stradley, known as Bill.

I spoke with Bill right after he won the tournament holding 2-6 of spades and he said, “I grinded it out all day long. Did take a couple bad beats but kept a level head and never went on tilt. Then I came back to win.”

Bill was awarded the Borgata trophy along with $30,479.