Saturday, January 29, 2011

Event 18: Chip Count Leaders - End Of Day

$1850 + $150 No Limit Hold'em

Jake Schindler - Chip Leader - 328,000

1. Jake Schindler 328,000
2. Steven Barshak 218,000
3. Aaron Steury 190,000
4. Donald boivin 184,900
5. Michel bittan 170,800
6. Josh Hillock 164,700
7. Richard Kirsch 152,000

Jake Schindler is the big chip leader with 328,000. Jake is not over-confident with his lead but shared a couple insights as to how he amassed so many chips.

He spent the first few levels studying the table then in the mid levels switched gears and trusted his reads. One key hand paid huge dividends, 1) in chips and 2) in establishing a crazy table image to be feared.

Opponent kept coming after Schindler's big blind so he defended with J-9 off. After missing the K-8-3 flop his Opponent bet 10,000. Jake noticed the vein in his Opponent's neck pulsating so he re-popped it to 21,500. Opponent folded and Schindler tabled the slop. "After that no one played back at me" said Jake.

In the last hour of play, Jake used his big stack to push others around and accumulate even more chips. He's currently more than 100,000 chips over second in chips with 218,000 - Steven Barshak.

Approximately 50 players will return tomorrow at 1Pm to continue Event 18 down to a Champion who will pocket $113,556.