Saturday, January 29, 2011

Event 19: Matt Damon - 3rd Place

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold'em

Matt Damon - 3rd Place - $8,145

A sick cooler three-handed crushed Matt "Yo Stacks" Damon. His pocket Jacks up against Joe Nichols pocket Aces. Both guys saw a 10-high flop but Joe announced all in, in the dark.

Damon, thought and thought and thought. "I have an over pair to the board have Jacks beat right now?" asked Damon. "How can I answer that" said Joe.

Finally Matt called and tabled JJ. He actually turned a club for more outs, but the river faded.

Joe has been getting Aces a lot today and even kissed his cards before mucking them.

Even with the blow, Matt's friends Steve and Mikets didn't give up and offered encouragement.

"Keep doubling up. It'll be a storybook ending for the blog..."

Alas this tale ended in third place when a couple hands later Joe finished him off picking up monster outs (gutter and nut-flush and two-over cards) and hitting an Ace on the turn.