Friday, January 28, 2011

Event 16: Win One - Lose One

$260 + $40 Deep Stack NL

Rene "Bat" Battiston won one then lost one in back-to-back key hands.

Hand 1) Rene swings his bat with 9-9 has holds up against A-8 on a board of 7-Q-J-10-Q.

He knocks out a player and scoops a ton of chips.

Good thing because he was going to need them on the very next hand.

Jacqueline Lurch jammed with JJ and Rene called with AK. Next player folded 88 (correctly) as the Board came 2-10-7-6-7.

She doubled up for the chick-lead and now sits on 544,000.

Rene took the 272,000 hit and is now somewhat short.

"Take from Peter, you gotta pay Mary" said Rene. Guess he replaced Paul with Mary since it was a woman he just gave the chips to.

Rene says hi to his sister Lucy and his buddy Lou. They're reading the blog and cheering for Rene at home.

23 players remain.