Friday, January 21, 2011

Event 1: 8th Place - Bobby Hanley

$500 + $60 Deep Stack NL (2 Re-entry)        

Leonardo Palermo opened for 350k and Ryan Wood (bb) moved all in for another 1.26 million on top.  Leonardo made the call, showing AJ offsuit.  He was dominating Ryan's AT offsuit, until the board came K T 8 3 T.  Ryan took the pot with trip Tens, doubling up to ~3.4 million.

Bobby Hanley

Action folded to Bobby 'haha' Hanley on the button and he raised to 450k.  Ryan Wood (sb) moved all-in.  Bobby called, tabling A4 suited.  He was ahead of Ryan's KQm, but again the board favored Ryan as it ran out 8 7 7 7 Q.  Ryan took the pot with 7s full of Queens and Bobby was busted.  He earned $19,275 for his 8th place finish.