Friday, January 21, 2011

Event 1: 9th Place - Shawn James

$500 + $60 Deep Stack NL (2 Re-entry)        
Another level completed and the final 9 took a break.  After the break, play resumed with blinds of 80k/160k and 20k antes.

Joshua Lawson opened for 450 utg, then Shawn James moved all-in from the cutoff.  After some thought, Sean Lee moved in over the top.  Joshua opted out.  Shawn held pocket 6s and was racing against Sean's AK.  The board came Q 5 3 J J and Shawn doubled up to ~2.5 million.  Once again, the hit to Sean Lee's stack was barely noticeable.

Just a few hands later, Shawn opened for 675k and Sean raised to 2 million straight.  When action folded back around to Shawn, he moved all-in.  Sean snap-called, showing pocket Kings.  Shawn held AQ and would need help to survive.  The board came Q J 8 T 9 and Sean improved to a straight to claim the pot.

 Shawn James

Shawn James finished in 9th place, earning $13,207.