Friday, January 28, 2011

Event 15: Final Two Set - Brandan Zaucha vs. Lior Shalom Barley

$2000 +$150 Heads Up Double Elimination NL

Tomorrow at 11:00 am, the Heads Up tournament will continue.

In one of the longer battles of the night, Brandan Zaucha outlasted Sirous Jamshidi.

So your final two tomorrow will be Brandan Zaucha vs. Lior Shalom Barlev.

On the other side of the brackets, Josh Brikis just won his final tournament of the night and will return tomorrow to play Mark Davis.

"Mark's my friend". I asked Josh if he plays heads-up any differently against his friends. He quickly quipped back, "He's not that good of a friend. He's not my Mom."

In Josh's game he told me he won all the big pots and his Opponent won all the small pots. The final hand flopped Josh top two and Opponent bottom two.