Friday, January 28, 2011

Event 15: Heads Up-Date

$2000 +$150 Heads Up Double Elimination NL

Lior Shalom Barlev beats Tim Tuneson on table 101 and moves on to the final two of the championship.

After a long, grueling back and forth match, it came down to Barlev's Ace - rag vs. Tuneson's 7-6. Ace high held and Tuneson bowed out.

Our other match had some river excitement as short stack Brandan Zaucha found himself all in holding Q♠ 6♠. Sirous Jamshidi had him edged out with A K.

The flop was 7♠ 9 J
Turn: J♠

The dealer got the river card stuck (for added drama and excitement), and Brandan anxiously awaited whether his tournament would continue or come to a grinding halt.

The river was 3♠ giving Brandan the flush.