Friday, January 28, 2011

Event 16: Miracle Comeback

$260 + $40 Deep Stack NL

Doug Borgman - Chip and a Chair

I try to be objective and I'm not really supposed to root for any one person but it's hard not to cheer for this kid and what he's doing right now - it's kind of special.

Doug was down to 1 orange chip. That's a measly 1000, not even enough for the small blind.

So he tossed it in and won. He tossed his chips in the next hand and won again.

In fact he either doubled-up or quaded-up back to back to back to back.

Doug took that one little chip and build it up to 160,000.

A fellow table-mate jumped in, "It's all good karma because you were "nice" to the bubble boy and got some charity started for him".

Doug yelled ALL IN from the top of his lungs while I stood there but chopped when his Opponent and him both held A-Q.

It's one AM and this guy's got some high energy.

His run started when he held 9-10 against Q-10 and flopped 10-10-9.

He followed that hand up with another full-house.

Doug told me very adamantly, "I'm winning this thing".