Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chan Can Fold

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship  

Over on table sixteen, Feming Chan (bb) and Roland Israelashvilli (hijack) had made it to the river.  The board read AK97Q.  Roland had bet 10,100 and action was to Feming, who was in the tank.  "Show if I fold?" Feming asked.

 Feming Chan (far left) and Roland Israelashvilli (far right)

Like the consummate professional that he is, Roland didn't say a word or make a move.  Feming mucked.  Roland passed his cards to the dealer and as the dealer was washing the deck for the next hand, he says "Show him the nut flush" knowing that his cards are already in the mix.  The table got a chuckle out of it.