Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Called All-in

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship

Qreitem Waits for a Call

On a board of 9♠ 10♣ 5♠ 6 Fouad Qreitem bets his last 10k and his tournament life hangs in the balance, less than one hour after it began. Darrell Neville goes in the tank and eventually flips two blue 5k chips into the pot and makes the call.

Qreitem: 9♣ 9(set of 9s)
Neville: Q♠ 10 (pair of 10s/drawing dead)

The river is the 10♠ and there's a slight gasp as Neville hits trip 10s, but Qreitem soon realizes he has a full house.

"For a second I thought I was out," says Qreitem who's relieved to still be in the tournament.