Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Clowning Around

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship

Eric Hits Doerr Card

When Eric "Clown Fish" Doerr walks into the Event Center he's hard to miss and his self deprecating humor is infectious. Unfortunately for Tom Savitsky, Doerr's double belly buster straight draw was nearly invisible.

Doerr is holding Q 10 on a flop of J 8 2♣ giving him a gutter ball straight draw and a backdoor flush draw. The turn is the A and opens up a ton of outs as Doerr picks up the
double belly buster and flush draws.

The river is the 9♣ for the nut straight and Savitsky has no idea he's in trouble. Doerr leads for 6k, Savitsky moves all-in for 22k and Doerr snap calls.

Savitsky turns over A♣ A for a turned set of aces and is stunned that he's just been knocked out of the tournament.

"It was impossible to see," says Doerr who has 81k, nearly three times the starting stack while playing level 3.