Sunday, January 23, 2011

Event 8: Quads Quandary

$400 + $50 Deep Stack

During the break, right before the start of DS Level #3, got a couple quad reports coming in.

1) Mike Defrancesco strikes again. For those following my every word, I posted his quad-fortune in Event 4. This time a limp with pocket 4-4's turned into Deep Stack gold for Defrancesco.
Mike rivered quad 4's while his opponent turned a set of tens. Early Bust Out indeed.

Christine Nelson - 4 of a Kind

2) Then on table 62, Christine Nelson (Norristown, PA) took down a monster pot that kicked-off with eight players all with huge starting hands. The soccer phenom and poker tournament director was holding 3-3 and hit a flop of 2-3-4.

Of course her hand improved to quads. Chrissy's quads quickly added 70,000 to her stack.

And got the guys at the table like Leiby Goldberger (Brooklyn, NY) chirping.