Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kovaci Doubles Thru Cammarota

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship

Play continued into level 22 with blinds of 6k/12k with 1k antes.  They will play through this level and call it a night unless they get down to 36 players, in which case they will stop sooner.

44 players remain.

Mirsad Kovaci

Mirsad Kovaci (Allentown, PA) got his last 85k all-in and called by Alfonse Cammarota (Fairfield, CT) who tabled pocket 6s.   Mirsad held KQ and it was post-time at the races.  The board came A Q 4 A 3 and Mirsad doubled up. 

Alfonse was left with ~95k...and busted out soon after in 44th place ($9,653).