Thursday, January 27, 2011

Event 12: Double Double-Ups

$170 + $30 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (2 Re-entry) 

William Hart began today as the chip leader.  He's been up and down a lot since then.

On a flop of A T 7 with two clubs, he just found himself all-in and covered by the player on his left.  William held AJ for top pair.  His opponent held QT of clubs for middle pair with flush draw.  William managed to fade all those outs as the last two came offsuit 3 4 and William doubled up to ~1.4 million.

Blinds increased to 25k/50k with 4k antes.

Julian Miranda was all-in holding AQ against the pocket 5s of Niko Markatos.  Julian caught an Ace on the turn to take the lead and the pot.  He doubled up to ~900k.

31 players remain.  Average stack is ~1.04 million.