Thursday, January 27, 2011

Event 12: Warnings Issued to Table 3

$170 + $30 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (2 Re-entry) 

In a big hand on table 3 they were at the turn with a board of K 5 3 Q with two spades.  John McGuinness (Toms River, NJ) was all-in against Julian Miranda.  Julian was making a decision for his tournament live, so he tanked for a bit, then exposed his hand, which was A5 of spades.

 John McGuinness

The floor was called to make a ruling.  Julian was given a warning and if he exposes his cards again with action pending, he will get a ten-hand penalty.  He was still having trouble making a decision.  Then John turned over his cards -- pocket Aces.  He was also given a warning for exposing his hand.  Julian eventually folded and John collected this pot, chipping up to ~900k.

The entire table was issued a warning and if anyone exposes their cards with action pending, they will get a penalty.

John is the brother of Mike McGuinness, who also made day 2 of this event.  "We're the next Mizrachi brothers" John said.  He has a picture of his daughter in his card protector which he holds up proudly and says "It's all in here.  This almost won me a bracelet".  Sure enough, John was heads-up with Bahador Ahmadi in the $2,500 Limit/No Limit Mixed Hold'em event at the 2009 WSOP.  John finished 2nd for $172,227.