Thursday, January 27, 2011

Event 16: Cleveland Rocks

$260 + $40 Deep Stack NL

Seniors Champion Gary Kessler &
Anthony Pinkney Watch the Action

The Pennsylvania blizzard didn't keep Anthony Pinkney (Cleveland Heights, OH) from playing in today's Deep Stack. Pinkney left the Cleveland area 11 am Wednesday, but didn't arrive at Borgata until 5 am Thursday.

"We had to pull off the road a couple times," said Pinkney, who was stuck 6 times and in the car 18 hours, twice as long as expected. "Triple-a wasn't helping anybody."

Pinkney is all-in for his last 6k and gets two callers. The other two players check it down until the 6hits the river. Scott Tuchman (Mays Landing, NJ) fires into the dry side pot and the third player folds.

Pinkney: A♠ Q
Tuchman: A♣ Q

It's a chopped pot and Pinkney survives. The player who folded is visibly disappointed that he was bet off his hand.