Thursday, January 27, 2011

Event 12: Girl on Girl on Guy Action

$170 + $30 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (2 Re-entry)

Thanks to the luck of the re-draw, four ladies landed at the same table -- table four -- to start day two.  Vicki Renfrow (Pine Knoll Shores, NC) is in seat 5, Nicole Rowe (Salisbury Mills, NY) is in seat 7, Elizabeth Grey-Pardo (Yonkers, NY) is in seat 8, and Kathryn Dougherty (Allen, TX) is in seat 9.

 Ladies of Table Four

This situation didn't last long, as Vicki moved in on the first hand and got action from both Elizabeth (button) and Heung Yoon of Woodbridge, VA (bb).  On the flop of A J 2 with two spades, Heung led out for 76k and Elizabeth shoved (~85k on top).  Heung called, showing AQ offsuit for top pair.  Elizabeth held KT off for nothing but a gutshot to Broadway.  Vicki was drawing slim with pocket 9s.

The turn card delivered the knockout blow.  A Queen completed the straight for Elizabeth.  A 7 on the river made no difference.  Vicki was busted and Elizabeth collected both the main and side pots.

Now only three women remain on table four.