Thursday, January 27, 2011

Event 16: Three Women Left

$260 + $40 Deep Stack NL

Three women are cat-fighting for the title of "Last Women Standing".

Our lovely ladies include:

Kristin Fletcher (Charlotte, NC) 175,000 chips.
Jacqueline Lurch (Wall, NJ) 190,000 chips.
Annie "Grandma" Kane 315,000 chips.

Kristin and Annie are at the same table and Kristin has made her #1 goal to be the Last Women Standing. "My goal before that was to have a good dinner. I like to set the bar low" said Fletcher.

Jacqueline's first goal is to make the money. With 51 players left and 45 getting paid, it's definitely doable.

Annie's been at the same table the entire day. "Amazing, and I'm still here" laughed the lady they call Grandma. Annie wants to make the money, then she wants to win.

Kane used to play black-jack but once she discovered sit-n-go's years ago, she can't get enough of em. She just loves hold-em.

All three of our ladies are very likable so my rooting interest is split three ways.

Right now Annie has the lady lead with 315,000.