Friday, February 4, 2011

8th Place - Osagyefo Greene

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship     

Osagyefo Greene opened for 185k on the button and Vadim Shlez called from the small blind.  The flop came J 9 4 and  Vadim checked.  Osagyefo bet 325k, Vadim shoved, and Osagyefo called all-in, showing pocket Kings.

 Osagyefo Greene

Vadim tabled 98 for middle pair with flush draw.   The turn was the 4d and changed nothing, but the river delivered the 9, giving Vadim trip 9s for the win.

Osagyefo Greene finished in 8th place, earning $63,204.

Osagyefo was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he still lives today.  His finish today is his greatest poker accomplishment in poker.  Outside poker, he counts his child as his greatest accomplishment.