Friday, February 4, 2011

Event 26: Dinner Break

$200 + $30 No Limit Hold'em (1 Re-entry)

Here's a look at various chip counts as players are on a one hour dinner break. Three stacks top the 100k mark.

Chip Leaders:

Brandon Guss 197k
Mark Stafford 173k
Hamilton Dimaya 112k

Various Stacks:

Robert Scott Fisher 89k
Calabria Pasquale 80k (up from 9k)
Glenn Faegenburg 75k
James Boyle 65k
Willis Robert 55k
Joseph Gillies 45k
Matt Damon 43k
Richard Sarkisian 43k
George Reid 26k (AKA as anonymous when QQ was cracked by AK)
Anthony Casale 9,300 ("write it down so when I come back to win you'll have a story."

35 players remain with an average stack of 68k

Play resumes at 8:45 pm