Friday, February 4, 2011

Event 26: Featured Table

$200 + $30 No Limit Hold'em (1 Re-entry)

Borgata regulars James Boyle, Patti Haggerty and Howard Wolper are all at the same table.

Boyle, who was the PPI Points Leader heading into the Championship Event says, "this is my last tournament," of course this is the last event of the Borgata Winter Open.

On a board of 3♣ Q♠ 9 8 K♣, Joe Gillies (Philadelphia, PA) moves all-in for 15k, Haggerty tanks and calls. Gillies shows J 10♣ for the rivered straight and now has 60k.

Haggerty is left short and is out shortly after that, her replacement? Joanne Leban (New York, NY) who bubbled the final table in Event 25, finishing 11th.

Truly this is the featured group as players are gearing up for the 7:30 pm dinner break.