Friday, February 4, 2011

Event 25: Mark Wahba - 1st Place

$260 + $40 NL (1 Re-Entry)

Mark Wahba - 1st Place - $14,073

Mark Wahba is the Event 25 first place finisher taking home $14,073.

He was the big stack most of the tournament, made some sick calls, and grinded it out at the final table, waiting for his spots then capitalizing.

Mark was supposed to leave this morning but begged his friend and ride home to play this tournament that started at 12pm. Good thing his friend agreed.

It's now 5am and the tournament is over. Mark is driving home 8 hours to Cleveland right now.

That ride will go much quicker since he has $14,073 to keep him warm and awake.

Mark is a student at Cleveland State University.

Congratulations to our winner Mark Wahba.