Friday, February 4, 2011

Event 25: Quadruples Up With Quad Fives

$260 + $40 NL (1 Re-Entry)

Robert Fetzko (Johnstown, PA)

Robert Fetzko has pocket fives and flops a set.

He shoves his last 6,000 into the middle, still up against two players.

Bob Haavind was holding A-Q and another Opponent had Q-6.

Opponent says to Bob, "You might have quad fives again" referring to when Bob had quad fives against Joanna Leban earlier.

"Turns" out it was Robert Fetzko who hit quad 5's this time. Got it on the turn.

He's now up to 140,000, basically quadrupling-up on his quads.

Robert has hit quads before but never this close to the end of a big tournament.