Friday, February 4, 2011

Carney Doubles; Suer Doubles

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship    

On the turn with a board of K 4 3 6, Bobby Suer (bb) bet 160k and Patrick Carney (button) moved all-in for 1.235 million more.  Bobby tanked for several minutes, then called.  Patrick held KJ offsuit for top pair.  Bobby held 96 off for second pair.  River was a blank and Patrick doubled up to nearly 3 million.   Bobby was left with just over 1 million.

Soon after, Bobby was all in for 1.075 million holding pocket 9s against the AK of Vadim Shlez.  The board came J T 8 4 T and Bobby doubled up to over 2.2 million.

With seven players remaining, the average stack is nearly 3.1 million.