Monday, January 31, 2011

Event 22: Pilgrim Hits the Nuts

$500 + $60

Just before the dinner break Dwyte Pilgrim is all-in for his last 7,200 and gets two callers, the biggest stack being Chris Lee (Rockville, MD).

Pilgrim: 2♠ 4♠ (at risk)
Lee: K K♣
Player 3: 7♠ 5 (at risk)

As the dealer spreads the flop, Pilgrim says, "there's a start," as he sees a 5 and 3♣, but doesn't notice the 6♣ for a flopped straight. The table roars with surprise and laughter as the board runs clean and Pilgrim triples up.

"That's the second time I've doubled him up," says Lee as he watches Pilgrim stack the chips.

Players are on a one hour dinner break with play resuming at 8:40 pm