Monday, January 31, 2011

James Boyle Kills Em With Kindness

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship

PPI Championship Seat Winner
James Boyle

Nobody is having more fun at Borgata Winter Poker Open than James Boyle who accumulated the most PPI points in all of the BWO and is playing for free today.

He's having a ball and looking at a stack of 42,000.

Funny thing is Boyle won a satellite seat in yesterday's 3pm, which he took cash for instead.

Since he already had a seat he was able to stay calm and have a good time playing.
Although one Opponent was picking on James so he told him "I'm so confident you won't win this thing that I'll lay you 5 to 1 odds and I'll make another bet that I do win it." He wouldn't bet but on the very next hand same Opponent shoved all in with A-Q and Boyle snap called with A-J.

With complete confidence Boyle tells him, "Don't get excited. You're going home. There's not a chance you win this pot." Right on cue, a Jack in the window, gave Boyle the win.

"That guy stormed out and almost blew a gasket" laughed Boyle who credited all of it to karma.

Today as he was telling the table about his lucky hand, he looked down and got it - K-8.

Ended up catching a flush with it.
People guessed Aces or Kings.
One player said, "it must be some sort of funky hand".

Boyle tabled the winning K-8 and now everyone knows what his favorite two cards are.