Monday, January 31, 2011

Seat Change, I Mean Seat Filler

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship

David Henderson - 'Karate Mike' Santoros - Chris Lovett

You know how at award shows like the Oscars or Emmys, when audience members go to the bathroom, somebody is paid to sit in their seat so the TV coverage shows a full house? Did they start doing that at Borgata? Not exactly...

David Henderson (Long Island, NY) stepped out to catch a smoke and somebody a little shorter and heavier sat in his seat. He proceeded to look at David's cards and actually made a call without anyone noticing.

Just then 'Karate' Mike Santoros realized and asked, "Wait a second, who are you? What happened to the other guy?" Guess the table crasher somehow got table 8 confused with table 20 where he was supposed to sit at.

When Henderson returned and found out what happened he said, "must have been a good hand if he called...probably the best I had all day".

Chris Lovett loved the entire episode and is still laughing about it.