Monday, January 31, 2011

Tweets Don't Fail Me Now

  Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship

Twitter has taken over the world as far as social networking goes...and poker is nothing if not a social game.  Several players here today are tweeting updates as they play.  Here's a sampling of some recent tweets.

Allen Bari
Good day of value betting the worst hand so far.. Down to 25k after getting up to 39k really quick

Adam Levy
29k after two levels. 75/150 only playing 6 levels today ending at 150/300 25

Chris Klodnicki
Borgata late reg table. Ryanbluf, yevgeny, @, @, and paulgees
Alexander Queen
@ showing his gangster side getting me to fold aces n shows 3 high
r. jeremy mclaughlin
32k @ 1st break.
Vanessa Selbst
Down to 35k from 45k. Knew kid was going to squeeze and he did so I 4bet and cold caller had aces and I lost some chips :(