Monday, January 31, 2011

Krasner's Stock Going Up

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship

Told You He'd Be Back!

I warned Steve Krasner not to get mixed up between Mizrachi and Harder but did he listen?
Fortunately he only ended up taking a small hit over at table 45 before it was broken up.

The Terminator has been moved to a new table.
"Now I have to deal with Yeugeniy Timoshenko" said Krasner.

Yup, Yeugeniy is only a WPT Champ and has 3.5 million in tournament earnings, that's all.

Steve is a stock broker from Long Island. I guess buying and selling is a lot like calling and folding - you gotta use everything in your arsenal be it skill, or a hunch or a read.

Steve told me he wasn't intimidated to play against The Grinder, but did have a ton of fun. "Those guys were 3 and 4-betting like every hand" said Krasner.

Steve currently sits in good shape with 48,000 after his 6-4 of spades saw a diamond heavy flop of 6-6-J. Opponent turned a flush with the 7 of diamonds and "The Terminator" rivered a full-house when the 7 of clubs fell.

I'm starting to figure out that in the Borgata Winter Poker Open, every table is a difficult draw.

Steve got the nickname "The Terminator" when he knocked out virtually every player at his table making a deep day 1 run in last years Spring Poker Open.