Monday, January 31, 2011

Second Guessing

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship

Some action hands before the break:

In a 15,000 pot, Hoven Nguyn (MD) tables Queens full of eights on a board of A-Q-7-8-8 to beat up on an Ace-Jacker. Nice 5,215 value bet earns Hoven the victory.

At another table, I see a board of:
9 10♣ 8♣ J♣ Q♣ and Tony Antonious in the tank. Opponent says, "You know how to make a good fold right?" And right after that comment, Antonious folds.

Immediately he second guesses himself as Opponent seems much too eager and happy to get away from the table grinning. "You had the king of clubs, right" asked Opponent.

Tony did have the club king and still folded. "Now I don't think he even had a club...oh well, I'm still ahead for the day" said Tony.

We'll never know...that's poker.