Thursday, February 3, 2011

13th - Tony Campagna

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship   

Tony Campagna shoved from the hijack for 466k, then Osagyefo Greene called from the cutoff.  After the button opted out, Gil Sacks (sb) moved in over the top for another 690k.

 Tony Campagna

Osagyefo tanked for several mintues.  Eventually Trevor Savage called for the clock.  Osagyefo's time ticked away without him acting and his hand was declared dead.

Osagyefo Greene in the tank as Gil Sacks looks on
 Tony held pocket 8s and was trailing Gil's pocket Aces.  The board came T 4 2 Q 3 and was no help to Tony.  He was eliminated in 13th place, earning $20,685.