Thursday, February 3, 2011

Event 21 Day 4 Recap

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship

Two WSOP bracelet holders returned for day four, but Jeffrey Papola was the first to depart in 37th place.  Gavin Smith made it all the way to 21st place before busting out. 

Or Abramov began the day as chip leader, but things didn't go his way and he was eliminated in 24th place.  Roz Quarto led the field most of days two and three, but day four she met her Waterloo and nothing went right for her.  The final blow was when her pocket Queens fell to King-Ten.  She finished 23rd. 

The best-laid plans of mice and men....

The plan for day four was to play five 75-minute levels, with ten minute breaks between each, then take a dinner break at about 6pm.  Return from dinner and play until down to the final ten.

Just before the end of the fifth level of the day, Jack Schanbacher busted out in 12th place.  With just 11 players remaining, they opted to continue into the next level and keep playing until one more was gone.  That one was Matt Ezrol, who busted in 11th place about seven minutes into 25k/50k blind level.

The final ten players bagged and tagged their chips and called it a night.  Seats were drawn for the final table and they will resume play at 11am Friday and play until someone has all 21,540,000 chips in play. 

These are the final ten players sorted by chip counts:
 Seat - Player - Chips
6 - Vadim Shlez - 4.406 million
10 - LJ Sande - 3.723 million
2 - Trevor Savage - 2.913 million
9 - Bobby Suer - 2.680 million
5 - Osagyefo Greene - 2.041 million
8 - Gil Sacks - 1.595 million
1 - Steve Ryan - 1.258 million
7 - Pat Carney - 1.141 million
4 - Tom Hu - 968k
3 - Allan Vrooman - 834k

Here's a reminder what they're playing for:

Place Amount
1   $533,210
2   $310,273
3   $189,611
4   $156,286
5   $126,407
6   $103,425
7   $ 82,740
8   $ 63,204
9   $ 43,669
10 $ 28,729