Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quarto (2nd in Chips Day 4) Out 23rd

 Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship 

Bobby Suer got his short-stack all-in against Gavin Smith.  Bobby held pocket 7s and was racing against Gavin's AT off.  The board came 9 9 5 J 9 and Bobby doubled up to ~500k.

 Roz Quarto

Roz Quarto, who started the day second in chips, got all-in for her last ~200k when she shoved from the big blind over the top of Daniel Buzgon's opening raise.  Daniel called, showing KT suited.  Roz held pocket Queens and was way ahead, but that all changed when the flop came K T  6.  The 9 on the turn gave Roz some hope with a gutshot, but the river was a 5 and Roz was busted in 23rd place ($12,181).


23 Roslyn Quarto (Edison, NJ) $12,181