Thursday, February 3, 2011

Event 21: Day 3 - Championship Event Recap

It’s midnight and Day 3 is in the books as we say good-by to Borgata Event Center. Rewind to 11:00am this morning when the featured table draw was 14, where WSOP bracelet holders Gavin Smith and Vanessa Selbst battled it out.

From the 167 players remaining, Roslyn Quarto was the chip leader with 450,200, followed by Jack Schanbacher with 400,500 and Adam Wessley with 348,000. The short stack was Donald Dorey with 11,000. Interestingly Roslyn and Adam were paired at the same table #7. Other fun tables included, Table 2: Josh Brikis and Scott Einiger. Table 5: Mike Leah and Will "The Thrill" Failla.

The total entries were 718 for a $2,369,400 total buy in. The final 167 played hard all day trying to make the final 72 and ultimately get closer to the #1 prize of $533,210.

WSOP Bracelet holder Vanessa Selbst, who began the day 7th in chips, found the rail after flopping a straight and losing to quads. With her elimination Roslyn Quarto becomes the last woman standing.

Other big leaders before dinner included: Vadim Shlez, Steve Tabb, Scott Eininger, Tony Campagna, Rich Lyndaker, Chalie Hook, Josh Brikis, Ara Melikian, Mike Leah, and Will Jaffe.

The big story of the day was the bubble. After 45 minutes of hand by hand action...

Bob Courtney (Millbury, MA) had 78,500 in chips and lost his hand. We all assumed he was the bubble until another hand in progress ended and that individual had 500 less than Bob. So Bob was thrilled to discover he was first to cash for $6,665, and wasn’t the bubble.

The heartbreaking bubble was Tim Latouch who had 78,000 to start the hand. His K-Q ran into LJ Sande's J-J which failed to connect on a board of: A-9-5-5-6
1 purple tournament chip (500) is the difference between $6,665 and $0.

When we bagged and tagged at midnight there were 37 players left as time expired.

The chip leader was Or Abramov from Israel who had 1,687,000 and knocked out around 15 players. “I played good today and hope to continue to do the same tomorrow” said Abramov. He was very excited and told me he feels real good. When I asked who was rooting for him at home he said, only me & God.

Other big stacks include:
Roz Quarto - 1.426 million
Trevor Savage - 1.392 million
Osagyefo Greene - 1.108 million
Tom Hu - 987k
Gavin Smith - 973k
Max Gurevich - 928k
Pat Carney - 902k
Nick Ricciardi - 898k
Aryeh Grunewald - 829k

WSOP bracelet holder Jeff Papola also survived and will return for day four with 603k.Gavin Smith is the only other WSOP bracelet holder left.

See you tomorrow in the poker room at 11am for Day 4.