Thursday, February 3, 2011

Event 25: Chipleader Vimy Ha

$260 + $40 NL (1 Re-Entry)

Vimy Ha - Chip Leader - 210,000

Closing in on the bubble as Vimy Ha knocks out Tony Antonious and wins a nice side pot in the process.

Scary action flop and turn: Q♠ Q 7♠ 2♠

Antonious was all-in pre. Just big blind Vimy and small blind still battling.

River: 6

Vimy had no fear and bet big. Small blind goes in the tank and finally folds.

Vimy tables 6 6♣ . He just rivered a boat.

Antonious had A♠ 5♣ and went out in 22nd place for no cash.

With that pot, Vimy has the undisputed chip lead with 210,000.

Second in chips is Marco Jansen with 175,000.