Thursday, February 3, 2011

Double, Double; Sande Leads

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship  

Matt Erzol opened for a raise and Gil Sacks called from the small blind.  The flop came T64 and Gil led out for 90k.  Matt called.  Turn was the A and Gil bet 170k.  Matt called.  River was the 8 and Gil gave it some thought, then bet 260k.  After burning a little think-time of his own, Matt made the call.  Gil showed AT for the nut flush.  Matt mucked.  Gil chipped up to ~1.8 million.

Over on table two, Bobby Suer was all-in pre-flop for 617k holding KQ off against JC Moussa's AK suited.  The board came 9 8 7 Q 8 and Bobby paired his Queen to double up to ~1.3 million.

Back on table one, Osagyefo Green was all-in against Allan Vrooman.  Osagyefo held KJ offsuit and was racing Allan's pocket 9s.  The board came K Q 7 2 2 and Osagyefo doubled up to ~1.7 million.

End of level and break-time.

LJ Sande is way out in front of the field with 3.04 million.  No one else has over 2 million.