Thursday, February 3, 2011

18th - Daniel Shiff

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship 

Pat Carney raised from the small blind, Matt Erzol three-bet from the big, Pat shoved and Matt called.  Pat held pocket Jacks and was crushed by Matt's pocket Aces.  The board came 7 6 5 A 8 and Matt doubled up to over 1.6 million.  Pat was left short with less than 200k.

Daniel Shiff

Daniel Shiff was utg and short-stacked, so made his move.  Action folded around to Aryeh Grunewald, who made the call with AT.  Daniel held Q5 (I don't make this stuff up, folks).  The board came K 9 4 J 4 and Aryeh took the pot with Ace-high.  Daniel finsihed in 18th place for $14,250.