Thursday, February 3, 2011

Event 24: Last Woman Sitting

$170 +$30 NL (2 Re-Entry)

Patti Haggerty has been the last woman sitting for quite a while.  She's from nearby Brigantine, New Jersey where she manages at the Laguna Grill.

When she's not working, she's playing poker.  "What do I do when I'm not working or playing poker?  I don't know...I'm always playing poker" she responded.

 Patti Haggerty

Patti played the Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship and made it to day three.  She returned 65th out of 167 players, with a decent stack, but that's where her run ended.

"Instead of throwing myself off the bridge, I entered this" she said.  She got in just before registration closed, so only paid one entry.

She's got several cashes and a final table under her belt, but she's still waiting for her first big win.