Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two More Departures

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship 

In a battle of the blinds, Or Abramov raised from the small and Ara Melikan shoved from the big.  Or made the call, showing A3 offsuit.  Ara had him dominated with AQ...then the board came T 4 3 7 9 and Ara paired his kicker on the flop to take the pot.  Ara Melikan took 26th place ($12,181).

Over on table 1, Shannon O'Grady was all-in holding pocket Queens and was racing against Vadim Shlez, who held AK.  The flop was a safe 7 5 2, but an Ace on the turn gave Vadim the bigger pair and the pot (river was a 9).  Shannon finished 25th ($12,181).


26 Ara Melikan (Scarsdale, NY)
25 Shannon O'Grady (Farifax, VA)