Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ricciardi Shakes Up Leaderboard

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship  

In the last hand before the break (and during the break) a huge pot developed on table three.

Four players saw the flop of 542.  Action checked to Or Abramov (middle position) who bet 80k.  Max Gurevich (button) raised to 188k, then Osagyefo Greene (sb) called.  Nick Ricciardi (bb) shoved for 462k on top.  Or folded quickly.  Max tanked for a bit, then let it go.  Osagyefo also gave it some thought, then folded.

The level had ended and they were already a couple of minutes into their ten minute break.  After some cajoling, Nick showed his hand - 76 - for an open-ended draw and two overs to the board.  No pair.  Osagyefo says he folded pocket Tens.

Nick was still stacking chips after the break was over, but it comes to just over 1.3 million.

After the break, play resumed with blinds of 12k/24k and 3k antes.

Here are some rough chip counts as of the break for the leaders:

Trevor Savage - 2.1 million
Tom Hu - 1.65 million
Aryeh Grunewald - 1.6 million
Allan Vrooman - 1.55 million
Nick Ricciardi - 1.3 million
Vadim Shlez - 1.3 million
Gavin Smith - 1.2 million
Steve Ryan - 1.2 million
LJ Sande - 1 million