Thursday, February 3, 2011

Event 24: Three-Way Action

$170 +$30 NL (2 Re-Entry)

Seat 5 opened for 20k, then Edwin Lau (Philadelphia, PA) raised to 65k, then seat 8 moved all-in for 218,500.  After a bit of thought, both opponents called.  Seat 5 had the biggest stack and pocket Queens.  Edwin had the shortest stack and pocket Kings.  Seat 8 held AK.

The community cards ran out J 7 3 T 4 and Edwin's Kings brought him a triple-up.  Seat 5 took the side pot and seat 8 took a hike in 32nd place ($508).

Edwin finished 2nd in event #10, $300 DeepStack Semi-Turbo earlier in this series, taking home over $14,000.

30 players remain at three tables.